Any sufficiently advanced technology is akin to a magical phenomenon to many. It is something beyond comprehension; beyond understanding. A robust, innovative and well-deployed form of technology for some is hard to find and beyond reach. IQZ systems brings a new kind of magic - the "Magic of Technology," that eases your mind, elevates you higher, pushes you further and makes you wonder about the infinite possibilities this tool can bring. At IQZ Systems, technology is a tool; a tool we use to deliver scalable solutions for clients globally in the sector of system architecture consulting and system integration solutions.

Communication, when layered with technology, solutions, services and products becomes the be all and end all of all business aspects. IQZ Systems builds cloud based applications, provide application database development services, creates mobile-based development and facilitates software quality control automation. We also specialize in enterprise solutions which involve complex system integration between disparate systems and design system architecture to implement these solutions. IQZ specialises in the design and development of systems that integrate and exchange information seamlessly. This saves time and money for our customers by taking advantage of their existing infrastructure. We build “smart” applications to support our clients present and future business needs.


Every IQZian is a ‘Zeeker’ or in other words, a seeker who lives by a code of conduct. The code is to be always ethical, transparent and passionate in everything that we do. That apart, we also seek long term solutions, answers to business complications and innovative methodologies. We treat our partners, clients, team members with mutual respect and value their contributions. We take it on ourselves to acquire knowledge continuously and keep evolving in our quest with zest. It is our company’s identity that not only sets us apart from our contemporaries, but also allows us to serve as leaders in the enterprise software space. We strive to create leaders who are motivated to deliver and create the “wow” factor for the client.


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Technology is constantly changing. What may be current and trending today, could well be obsolete tomorrow. Mobility is one of the key causes for this whole process of digital transformation in this day and age. From just being enablers of email access and communication devices, Mobile phone and Tablet devices have now metamorphosed into computational devices that are used for creating and participating in business activities and solutions. One can effortlessly say that with the sea change that mobility and mobile applications have caused, businesses have changed their modus operandi. Organizations are thinking ahead, innovating and delivering real-time solutions in data, processes and services to customers, employees and partners. IQZ provides key mobility and mobile application development solutions to make businesses concurrent, with the potential of scaling up.

key benefits
  • Cost Reduction and operational leeway.
  • Maximize usability.
  • Mobilize value of web-based applications.
  • Make you concurrent and relevant.
  • Accessibility anytime and anywhere.


Gone are the days when your web presence was no more than uploading a few images and text to serve as a brochure for clients to check. Web-based applications, portals and websites are now key properties in a brand's corporate identity. Web development must have the key blend of great aesthetic and seamless usability. It has to be quick, functional and platform independent. Not to forget, we based development needs to also have a strong profit orientation. IQZ prides itself on not just exceptional web development skills and resources, but also a sharp business mind that helps your website be usable and also conform to profit making.

key benefits
  • Research driven and tailored to need.
  • Cross platform accessibility.
  • Creative renditions blended with success requisites.
  • Wireframes and Prototypes available.

QA Automation

QA or Quality Analysis is a process that is just as important as application and software development itself. Your application needs to meet the highest benchmarks in terms of testing and quality analysis to be deemed completely usable and workable. Automation - as the term suggests - is the concept of setting a process to complete itself in an automatic manner. It goes without saying that despite being an automated procedure, it has to meet all the milestones, goals and objectives that were set forth for the application.

Manual Testing, though an integral part of the technology industry possesses the human touch. Thus, it gives room for human error. QA and Test Automation minimizes, in fact, it negates the possibility of a human error. It also completely takes away dependency on a technically sound resource for the process of testing and QA.

IQZ has QA Automation methodologies to ensure that your application does not break functionality. It takes away the need to have an actual live resource, thus reducing costs drastically. Our process helps in workflow optimization and development of top quality end product.

key benefits
  • Quicker deployment.
  • Cost reduction.
  • No dependency on live resource.
  • Complexities of no bearing.
  • No more human errors.

Custom Development

The term custom refers to specific requisites or objectives that need to be fulfilled. Several businesses have specific requisites and objectives that are meant to facilitate their business processes, functions, employee roles and business goals. IQZ has an end-to-end custom development solution that addresses these very needs. Each and every business problem, goal, need and objective is studied, analysed and understood in detail by the IQZ team. Once a definitive understanding is reached at, we provide a robust and technologically enhanced solution that is custom created to suit your requirements. This efficacy comes from years of experience and exposure to business functioning across the global market.

key benefits
  • The understanding that no "one size fits all".
  • You get what you need.
  • An in-depth analysis of your business and process.
  • Solutions provided by experienced experts.
  • Business intelligence methods implemented.

Big Data

In simple terms, Big Data is explained as those factors as aspects of data types that are massive in terms of quantity, speed of metamorphosis, or just simply its category. Big data is crucial, and hence you need an experienced set of eyes that will not only absorb the data types existing, but also extrapolate data to provide you with results. These can help you take informed and educated decisions. IQZ provides the answer. With data science being the critical skill set for Big Data implementation success, our team has the experience to guide through complex Big Data solutions with Advance Analytics. Our solutions involve data integration using Enterprise Service Bus and custom API management.

key benefits
  • Use data the way it was meant to be.
  • Get educated suggestions.
  • Take informed decisions.
  • Obtain decisiveness.
  • Let data drive your business growth.


Increasingly, across the globe, business delving into the e-commerce sphere are facing stiff competition. There exist a number of players incumbent in the field and customers' aspirations and needs are growing as you read these lines. To fend off competition and carve a niche for yourself in the e-commerce domain, it is important for a company to be technically compliant. That apart it needs to ensure that it has a technology partner who can handle large scale of usage, demands and functioning of an e-commerce portal. Having built a number of portals, IQZ possesses the domain knowledge, technical expertise and real-time scenarios to build and maintain both business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce portals.

key benefits
  • Diverse e-commerce platform expertise.
  • Payment Gateway integration expertise.
  • Content Management System expertise.
  • Third-party tool integration.
  • Portal Development expertise.


IQZ Systems employs elements of design thinking, agile software development and 4D Methodology which divides a project into processes with four distinct stages: Discover, Design, Develop, and Deploy. It gives us an in-depth understanding of the factors influencing the success of a project. Our modern methodology provides the assurance of total control over both objective and budget. It helps increase your agility with optimized business processes and robust technology infrastructure whilst delivering outstanding productivity and quality.