Story: The client is a premier training facility specializing in elite sport performance training and private instruction for different type of sports based on age and fitness level. It employed many different type of coaches in various sports categories focusing on the success of the athletes and players.
Challenge: Required an accurate web based system that could track progress of all their athletes and players while automating all facets of training progress and notifications. Needed a better communication tool between the facility and the athletes and stakeholders.

The scalable solution designed and implemented was optimized for high web traffic and faster response times.

  • Utilized the best of breed web development technologies.
  • Required maintenance for the system was very minimal and core functions automated.
  • Easy access on all type of browsers and devices
  • Simplified user experience for facility, coaches and athletes.
  • Visually appealing tracking mechanism to capture training progress
  • Flexible automated notifications for all stakeholders
  • Ease of data access with implicit search features
  • Technical components of the system were designed and deployed that resulted in less hardware and software costs
  • Ability to acquire and grow customers grew about one-thirds
  • Single system to track the complete life cycle activities of coaching and training programs resulted in reducing manual touch points for the facility and improved retention rate of coaches