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Time is of essence and with the global economy at a volatile juncture, investing in new processes and resources is difficult for businesses. Hence, automation and self-driven processes are crucial in such a scenario. Which is precisely why IQZ introduced Business In A Box - a defining solution and methodology which can automate and simplify a number of common tasks that are imperative in any organisation. Business In A Box is a bouquet of web-based applications which enables companies to pick and choose applications most conducive to their operational and functional business environment. The industry or vertical that stands to gain the most from IQZ’s Business In A Box solution is the education industry in general and coaching institutions in particular. Business In A Box can capture student data effectively and display varied data outputs that include progress and status. Having said that, any organisation that needs to automate the process of data collection and status viewing can benefit aplenty by using Business In A Box. Businesses can register users, measure their activities and also conduct a number of polls or surveys in an efficacious and automated manner.

A user with Administrative privileges (or an Admin) can create custom registration modules that are tailored to their users and nature of business. While registering, users can be given an option to attach files and respond to certain fields that need to be measured. The User Interface is simple and easy to use, and thus even a person with a non-technical background can manage and use this module. This module can also be closely integrated with the data measurement module or Metron.

From a coaching institute’s standpoint, the Admin can create a number of courses and track the progress of individual students, using the Measurement module. Individual instructors can also be given accesses with privileges to draft their own course plans. Parents too can obtain access to viewing their child’s progress in real time. These concepts can also be applied in other business cases as well. A Project Manager or Program Manager can be given access to create their individual projects and track progress of their team members. A member of the management or recruitment process can view the progress of a particular resource too.

The Survey module enables the creation of diverse forms and campaigns that can be modified as per a company’s need for data gathering. The data that is gathered through this process can either be viewed within the UI of Business In A Box, or can also be exported into CSV format.