Sitefinity: Modular Web Content Management

Understanding your pain points and crafting technical solutions is what we do best.

Enterprise-level businesses’ greatest encumbrance is their size — multiple (and sometimes redundant) layers and departments potentially conflict with the overall company’s mission. Communication, planning, and objectives get cross-wired and muddy the clarity of providing for clients. “Big Data” in particular needs taming with a painless, straightforward and elegant solution.

At IQZ Systems, we can discover, design, develop, deploy and manage this powerful technology for your enterprise-level business.

What is Sitefinity™

Sitefinity is a modular content management system (CMS) that is a fully customizable and scalable solution.

The real benefit of Sitefinity compared to a fully custom-built CMS is its cost effectiveness and how it allows clients to add features that would typically break a budget in a custom-built CMS. As a Sitefinity partner, we can implement modular modifications over a range of capabilities to further meet and fully transform your data and content management needs. Our expert team will not only discover what your business needs, but also design, develop, and deploy an agile, workable CMS across a broad base of disparate, but interconnected, systems.

Reach out now to discover how IQZ Systems can implement the benefits of Sitefinity for you.

Applying IQZ’s 4D Methodology to Simplify, Streamline & Transform Digital Complexity

Foundationally, the formula of success underlining every project at IQZ is applying our 4D Methodology. Essentially, 4D Methodology serves a map to guide us around the contours of your particular needs. With 4D, we can find and address roadblocks to success and discover new paths to take you where you want to go.


Each CMS project using the Sitefinity platform begins with the critical discovery step. IQZ will work closely with you to define the scope, vision, and mission of your company’s web and user-interface and online experience (UI and UX).

The discovery phase addresses:

  • Identification of timeline
  • Prioritization of budget and orienting towards profit
  • Productivity goals outlined
  • General thematic and interface needs assessed
  • Communicate agreed-upon deliverables
  • Focusing on cross-platform and accessibility needs


Successful web development absolutely requires a blend of top-notch aesthetics and seamless, straightforward usability.

The truly amazing phase of designing the magic through actualizing Sitefinity’s customizations, IQZ Systems translates your business needs into excitement! We love working with clients to deliver a “wow” factor.

Design-phase looks at:

  • Implementation of vision and a directive to establish a thematic, client-centric aesthetic
  • Design preparation and present design alternatives to clients
  • A willingness to start from scratch if need be to exceed your expectations
  • Listening to client feedback and nimbly apply tweaks or edits
  • Transforming the design-phase to lay out a development plan


The transformation begins to take form during the development phase.

Dependent on all the information and needs we gather from you in the previous stages, we will deploy the multi-channel management, test the system for vulnerabilities, and establish a clear directive for a workable, simple-without-being-simplistic transformation of the Sitefinity CMS interface to exceed expectations.

The Development phase brings your Sitefinity project to life. Main points include:

  • Create a custom development CMS solution
  • Leave plenty of room for flexibility and growth—as your customers evolve, so should you
  • Bug testing and elimination
  • Develop multi-device functionality, if desired
  • Analysis and evaluation of UI; adapt where needed
  • Assess functionality and elegance of UX


This is where all the hard work comes to life. However, it’s not without a serious and full deployment of your Sitefinity CMS project. Taking it live includes:

  • Reassure that deployment fully meets and exceeds your expectations and - goals
  • Final testing and ongoing assistance
  • Site launch and reevaluation

Monitor & Manage

After the 4D’s have been implemented, we can take on all your monitoring & management needs to keep your website and platforms running smoothly and efficiently for your goals and KPI’s.

We strive to keep open, daily lines of communication with all our Sitefinity clientele and our team has perfected the art of digital transformation, communication and efficiently for ongoing management.

Let’s work together. IQZ Systems will serve as your long-term partner to realize a Sitefinity solution for your business CMS, marketing, or organizational needs.